Compliance audit

Compliance with legal regulation and industry requirements needs to address operational resilience and cybersecurity. To ensure them in a proper manner, and ensure full protection of assets and date, it should be addressed in a properly.

Our partners of compliance and cybersecurity experts will provide an in-depth compliance audit specifically tailored to your business and requirements. The assessment fully addresses the organizational and technology related aspects of security:

1. An Executive Summary,
2. Risk analysis,
3. Non-compliance observations and guidance on remediation,
4. Compliance program improvement road-map,
5. Further Support and Training

Compliance Solutions and Services:

1. Implementation of  ISMS (information security management standards) e.g. ISO 27k, Cobit, etc or legal requirements;
2. Risk assessments; 
3. Compliance audit with a focal point on effectiveness and gaps. 

Our solutions will enable you to:

1. Assess the security of systems, and external and/or internal cyber security controls and processes;
2. Align compliance and security programs Cost-effectively, Strategically depending on the organization's needs;
3. Provide and quantify the risks to high-valuable threats for technology and/or people;
4. Achieve returns on your execution efforts, improving security as well as demonstrating compliance.