Cyber security audit

One of the most popular ways for organizations to stay secure, and avoid cybersecurity incidents and vulnerabilities is through Penetration Testing (Pen. Testing) and Cybersecurity audits for in-depth assessment of the processes, technology, and people specific to your organization.

Penetration testing, or “Ethical hacking” is a process in which a skilled penetration tester, simulates a real-world attack testing your incident response capabilities, and cybersecurity controls and processes in place. As a result of described work, Ethical hackers deliver a report, which includes:

1. An Executive Summary, 
2. Risk analysis,
3. Vulnerability observations and guidance on remediation,
4. Cybersecurity program improvement road-map,
5. Further Support and Training.

By first addressing and understanding your gaps, we provide remedial advice on the risks and potential damage of a cyber attack, qualifying requirements for cyber threat protection, and help you make smart weighted decisions for technology and services investments 

Cyber Security Solutions and Services
1. Protection against Phishing,
2. Stress testing / DDOS protection,
3. Infrastructure, application and processes, controls Cyber Security (Pen. tests, Cyber Security audits),
4. SoC (Secure Operation Center). Cyber Security and Incident Monitoring 24x7x365
Forensic Investigation and Incident Response.

Our solutions will enable you to:

1. Receive unbiased, transparent protection against cyber-attacks or insider threats;
2. Test your response and detection capabilities;
3. Evaluate protection for high-value systems, including external and/or internal cybersecurity measures;
4. Assurance in the assessment, audit knowing that the latest threat intelligence and strategies were leveraged.